First Visit

You’ve made an appointment. For some, this may be the hardest step, and if so, give yourself credit for taking a big step toward bettering your situation. Now, what can you expect from that first visit?

If you have not downloaded and completed the forms required for a first session, please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early. The required forms will be provided for you on a clip board in the waiting room. I may be in with another person when you arrive, but you can expect to be seen promptly at the time of your appointment. Sessions are between fifty and sixty minutes long.

Our first visit will focus on why you’ve come and what you hope to gain from your experience in therapy. That’s where we’ll start. You will have a chance to ask questions, as will I. At the end of our conversation, I will share some initial impressions about how I would work with you to address your situation. An important part of this process is being sure that you are comfortable working with me, and that I have the best set of skills for your issues.


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